JLab brings its signature innovation to the work-from-home category with new innovative multi-device connectivity keyboards and mice in the UK

JLab new innovative multi-device connectivity keyboardJLab new innovative multi-device connectivity keyboard
JLab new innovative multi-device connectivity keyboard
JLab is turning up the volume on the overlooked work-from-home category by expanding its signature innovation with surprising value to its new Work Collection of keyboards, mice, webcams and microphones in the UK, currently available on Amazon UK.

Studies have cited that the shift to remote work during the pandemic has brought a heightened level of productivity among office workers, and a recent Gallup State of the Workforce study found with 70 per cent of workers would prefer a hybrid office arrangement in the future.

To satisfy the diverse and evolving needs of the work-from-home contingent to a neglected category, JLab’s new computer peripherals include ice and keyboards that seamlessly switch between three devices further evolving to today’s evolving work-life blending.

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The new Work Collection is available in three tiers of product categories, GO, JBuds, and Epic. With further launches in these categories expected throughout the year in the UK.

JLab new innovative mouseJLab new innovative mouse
JLab new innovative mouse

"The work-from-home category has had very little innovation in the last 10 years, which is very surprising in light of how people prefer hybrid office environments and the number of businesses accommodating this shift.

"JLab is injecting new life into the productivity category with our new Work Collection, providing a range of innovative options that include our signature level of innovation and surprising value across a range of price tiers. This category needed a challenger and I’m thrilled with the real innovation consumers will enjoy," said JLab CEO Win Cramer.

According to a survey by Global Workplace Analytics, remote employees are the most successful when they have the tools they need on hand at their home to do their job. Still, employers are often not required to provide support or reimbursement for equipment to create first-class and productive remote-work environments. JLab’s new Work Collection follows the same direction as its previous

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introductions by providing leading-edge features at tiered-price points with specific user groups in mind.

As with its other product categories, JLab’s new Work Collection is divided into three tiers, each offering a mix of surprising value and innovation.

GO: Deliberately crafted to be ultra-compact and minimalist, great for on-the-go work life and use with

tablet devices. This includes: JLab Go Wireless Keyboard – Slim and portable Bluetooth Keyboard with USB Dongle and Multi Device Connectivity, Compatible with Apple/Windows/Tablet/iPad/PC/Laptop/Android/Mac – £29.99 on Amazon UK (Currently on offer at just £19.99).

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The GO Wireless Keyboard can be used with three simultaneous devices when connected via Bluetooth 5.0 or the USB Wireless Dongle (2.4 GHz). It can be easily switched between saved devices such as a computer, tablet, phone, using the switch on the keyboard.

Designed to be ultra-compact and lightweight, the GO Wireless keyboard feels just as comfortable as a laptop in a work-from-home setup as it is travelling to the office, coffee shops or coworking spaces.

With its low profile and soft touch keys, it is quiet and provides a laptop-like feel.

Additionally, the Go Wireless Keyboard includes a media knob for volume control and the play/ pause functions of whichever device it is connected to. This includes your laptop, iPhone, Android, and even your tablet, meaning everything can be changed on just one keyboard.

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High resolution imagery here JLab Go Charge Wireless compact mouse – Multi Device Ergonomic Bluetooth Mouse that can be connected via Bluetooth or USB Receiver. Compatible with Computer/Laptop/Phone/Tablet - £19.99 on Amazon UK.

Like the keyboard, the GO Charge wireless mouse is also compatible with three simultaneous device connections via Bluetooth or the included dongle and also includes a switch to change devices with ease.

Thanks to its ultra-compact and lightweight design, the GO Charge delivers maximum comfort and functionality for both right and left handed users and also features silent buttons so it can be used discreetly without disturbing others.

The GO Charge Wireless Bluetooth mouse also includes a convenient rechargeable battery with power for around four months. Additionally, its adjustable tracking allows users to change the sensitivity of the mouse, whether that be to click around at great speed or leisurely view web pages.

The GO Wireless Keyboard and GO Charge mouse are also both available in a bundle on Amazon UK for £39.99. (Currently on offer at just £29.99).