Straight A Higher success for Islanders

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With Higher exam results dropping through letterboxes this week we congratulate Western Isles students who have achieved what they set out to.

Pictured above are Nicolson Institute pupils Calum Stark and Bethany Smart (both 16) who each scored straight A grades in five Higher exams.

Calum, from Leurbost, secured the top mark in Higher Biology, Higher Chemistry, Higher Physicas, Higher Maths and Higher English.

Bethany also earned straight A’s in Higher Maths, Higher English, Higher Physics, Higher Classical Studies and Higher Graphic Communication.

The Gazette would like to celebrate all the Higher success stories (you don’t need to have achieved straight As) in the paper.

If you want to join in our feature please send us your Higher celebration stories and what your next step is: more Highers, university or workplace? Send us your photo (with certificate if possible) your name and where you are from to: