Swanning around the Loch

editorial image

Reader Angus Macleod of Tolsta Chaolais sent us in this picture, saying: “In 2014 two Hooper Swans stayed on Loch a Bhaille Tolsta Chaolais all summer, nested on one of the Islands in the loch and hatched four Cygnets and remained there until they were adults. They departed later that year or early the following spring.

“In the winter of 2015/16 no swans arrived at this loch, however on October 8th, I noticed that two adult swans and four (adult or grown up) cygnets have arrived at Loch a Bhaile hopefully to spend the winter here.

“During the 1950s, 60s and 70s up to 40 or 50 swans used to winter on this loch although their numbers have gradually reduced over the years.”