Take a hot coal stroll for charity

ARE you prepared to put your best foot forward and raise money for local charities? All you gotta do is walk along some hot coals!

Stornoway Lunar Walk organiser Eilidh Thompson, along with Lewis man Allan Mackenzie, are looking for brave islanders to take up this feel-good challenge and get Fire-walking.

Speaking of the event, which is planned for June 18, Eilidh said: “It’s a one-off event to raise money for two local charities and will give people on the islands a chance to take part in a real feel-good challenge.

“We need a minimum of 50 people in order to make the event worthwhile and to be able to raise as much money as possible. We already have a good number of people interested, but we’re looking for more folk to join in and make the Stornoway Fire Walk something really special.”

The practice of Fire-walking is as old as man himself – there are numerous biblical references to fire-walking, the Vikings used to walk bare-foot across red hot iron bars and the Jung tribe of the Kalahari dessert are a fire worshipping tribe who dance across and rub hot coals over their bodies.

The Stornoway Fire-Walking challenge will be delivered by company Soulfire, which established in 2006 and has a growing reputation for being able to provide exciting, life changing events and courses.

Eilidh continues: “We can only go ahead with the Fire Walk if we have at least 50 people, so please, if you are at all interested get in touch and we can give you all the details of the event.

“Everyone taking part has to be 18 years or older, but this will be such a great opportunity to do something a little but different and help the community by helping our local charities.”

If you’d like to find out more about the Stornoway Fire Walk, or want to tell Eilidh that you accept the hot challenge, contact her on email at eilidh.t@virgin.net or call on 07871373548.