The Baha’i principle of Compulsory Education

THE seventh of 12 monthly Baha’i public talks presenting the principles of the Baha’i faith took place in Stornoway on Saturday (August 25th).

As part of a series of monthly presentations in celebration of the Centenary of Abdul-Baha’s visit to Scotland, Maggie Manvell accompanied by Christine Coogan spoke on the topic of Universal, Compulsory Education.

She concentrated on the fact that there should be equal access to knowledge and communication for everyone and the aim is to give everyone a vision and skills to bring about a united world.

The ambition of the young people should not be for individual’s wealth and success but for the well being of their community and the wider society.

A united world where it becomes more difficult for tyrannical rulers to lead their ignorant multitudes into war or the illiterate to be exploited.

The meeting ended with comments and discussions over light refreshments. We thank Maggie and Christine Coogan very much indeed. Moran Taing.

The next in the series of presentations is on Saturday, September 22nd, 7pm at An Lanntair arts centre, Stornoway.

The subject covered will be ‘Exaltation of Work performed in the Spirit of Service to the rank of Worship’; and the speaker will be Mrs Sandi Humphrey from North Uist.

For more information, visit, or contact Isle of Lewis Baha’i Community Secretary, Mrs Sheppard on 01851 870434.