The search is on for young Western Isles inventors

KIDS come up with the brightest ideas. In fact, some of the world’s best inventions were thought up by inquisitive teens – the trampoline, ear muffs, Braille and event the concept for the world’s first television.

Now, the search is on for Britain’s next young thinkers, inventors and innovators to put forward their ideas in the country’s most prestigious creative contest – the National Science and Engineering Competition.

Young people in the Western Isles are being challenged to submit their big ideas and represent the rising talent in the region for the chance to compete for top prizes and international experiences worth over £50,000.

Eleven to 18 year olds are being urged to down their Xboxes and trade-in the TV this summer to take up this exciting challenge.

Kate Bellingham, TV presenter, celebrity judge and champion for science and engineering, commented: “We all know science and maths goes on in schools. But you only need to look around at the technology and engineering in our everyday lives to get inspired for projects you could do outside of school.

“Who knows, by being creative this summer, youngsters in the Western Isles could win themselves a prize at the National Science and Engineering Competition – and even come up with an invention or innovation that can change people’s lives.”

To qualify, youngsters need to come up with a novel idea, invention, concept or solution to a problem.

Entries can be uploaded online at and through a written submission or by producing a short film – get those smartphones at the ready – and have until October 31st to take part.