Time and Tide holds at An lanntair

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AWARDED the ‘Best Artistic Response to Climate Change’ as part of national campaign Climate Week, artist Marcus Vegette’s ‘Time and Tide’ project can now be explored in full with an exhibition of his work due to open in An Lanntair arts centre this weekend.

Sculptor, film-maker, composer and working musician, Marcus’ project aims to make a permanent installation of 12 Time and Tide Bells at the high tide make at a number of diverse sites around the UK; from urban centres to open stretches of coastline.

Played by the movement of the waves, the bells – all of which Marcus designed and which play different notes from a single strike – create a varying, gentle, musical pattern that will encompass the British isles.

A long-running project, the first bell was installed in July 2009 at Appledore in Devon, followed in June 2010 by the second at Bosta Beach on Great Bernera.

Making each Bell pertinent to the area in which it is sited, the Bosta Bell is inscribed with the lyrics of a Gaelic song inspired by the sea, and aptly ends with the couplet: ‘Mo leabaidh dean suas/ Ri fuaim na h-àtaireachd àrd’ (Make my resting place be/ By the sound of the surge of the sea).

The third Time and Tide Bell of the project was placed in Trinity Buoy Wharf in London in September last year, and the fourth soon to be installed in Aberdyfi, Wales, with Orford Ness and Middlesbrough currently under development.

A large part of Marcus’ project is focused on climate change – as the effect of global warming increases, the periods of bell strikes will become more and more frequent, and as the bells become submerged in the rising water, their pitch will vary.

And it was through this aspect that the Time and Tide Bell project was nominatedd for the award of Best Artistic Response to Climate Change at the new national campaign Climate Week, held in March this year, supported by the Prime Minister, Al Gore, Kofi Annan amongst others, and organisationsrangingg from CBO to Girlguiding UK, and the NHS to National Theatre.

More information about the campaign can be found at www.climateweek.com

Opening in An Lanntair on Saturday, May 14 and running until Saturday, June 25, Marcus’ exhibition of Time and Tide works relating to the Bells, both in terms of their development and since they have been installed, consists of drawings, audio recordings from the different sites and from the design process, as well as one of the Bells.

The show will also travel to other Bell sites, being exhibited in London in July, Appledore in May and later in Wales.