Tiny miracle baby born at just 24 weeks celebrates birthday

Little Hafsa celebrates her birthday with maternity staff at the Western Isles Hospital.
Little Hafsa celebrates her birthday with maternity staff at the Western Isles Hospital.

It was a welcome return for baby Hafsa as she recently visited NHS staff in Stornoway and Glasgow to celebrate her first birthday.

Proud parents Zerqua and Mansha Mohammed Shahid brought Hafsa to visit both Western Isles Hospital in Stornoway and the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital in Glasgow, to pay tribute to the wonderful NHS staff who looked after them when Hafsa was born dangerously premature on Father’s Day 2016 at only 24 weeks.

Hafsa, who weighed just 580g (1.28lbs) and was so small she could fit into her mother’s hand, spent her first 19 weeks in hospital after being born in the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital in Glasgow.

From the outset, Hafsa did exceptionally well, battling with all the usual aspects of extreme prematurity, particularly with maturation of her lungs.

It took 134 days of specialist care in Glasgow before Hafsa (which aptly – for such a courageous baby that has fought for her survival - means ‘humble baby lioness’) was strong enough to come back home to Stornoway.

Zerqua spent all day, every day, by her daughter’s side, providing the love and support she needed to gain strength.

Zerqua said, “This is a very special birthday for us and we plan on celebrating it with family and friends.

“Hasfa’s development is coming on well and her weight is now up to 13lb, which I put down to her reaping the benefits of being breastfed from birth.

“She doesn’t really have any complications, although she does have weak bones, is taking bowel medication and has no peripheral vision due to eye surgery.

“Throughout Hasfa’s progress we have been so grateful for the help we have received from NHS staff, both here in Stornoway and in Glasgow, and we can’t thank them enough. To show our support we decided to fundraise, with all monies went direct to the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital’s Neonatal Unit.”