Tough choices to make Britain’s Got Talent audition

Dylan at the Edinburgh audition.
Dylan at the Edinburgh audition.

A Uist teenager has already been forced to make two tough decisions on the way to auditioning for a talent show.

After his boss refused to give him time off, Dylan Macphee quit his job on Benbecula and went anyway to show off his singing skills for Britain’s Got Talent.

He had applied with a friend, James Stewart, but James was abroad when the audition call came in, so Dylan decided to go on his own.

Now the 17-year-old faces weeks of waiting to hear if he did the right thing.

Dylan, who has played guitar for three years after learning the instrument by himself, has a band Vallastrome with his friend James, talking about the decision to go to the audition alone, he said: “I asked if we could reschedule but the producers of Britain’s Got Talent said no. so I had to go without James.”

And that was not the only tough choice facing the teen musician, he could not get time off from his job in Benbecula, so it also was sacrificed for the chance to audition.

Dylan says: “I had to make a decision. It was my music or my job and it had to be music. I am now looking for a new job but music is what I really want to do.”

Now he is hoping he made the right choices and his Edinburgh audition has gone down well.

“I was shaking like a leaf but I don’t think I made any mistakes. I sang The A Team by Ed Sheeran. They didn’t give much away so I just have to wait till February to find out,” said a hopeful Dylan.