Treat yourself to a sweet time with a chocolate and vanilla spa

A chocolate and vanilla themed package is a sweet treat indeed at Sleeping Beauty, Edinburgh

Monday, 7th March 2016, 11:51 am
Updated Monday, 7th March 2016, 11:53 am
Sleeping Beauty Salon

The treatment

The limited edition Chocolate & Vanilla Spa Indulgence package at Sleeping Beauty, Edinburgh, £60. This includes a Sweet Orange and Chocolate Foot Scrub, Cocoa Bean Back Massage, Facial with Vanilla Hydrating Mask, a Pressure Point Scalp Massage and a mug of hot chocolate. Available until the end of April.

Why go?

Maybe, this Mother’s Day, mummy would like a voucher for this therapy, instead of a box of Black Magic, again.

Our spy says

With four elements, there’s a lot to pack into this 70 minute experience.

Once I’ve changed into a fluffy gown, down in one of this salon’s basement treatment rooms, my therapist Charlotte gets to work on descaling my feet and lower calves with the chunky orange and chocolate sugar scrub. Then, after she’s dried me off, she leaves the room so I can get onto the treatment bed, face down, ready for my back massage.

This kicks off with a drizzling of warm oil, and I can smell the cocoa wafting around the room. While I dream of Snickers, Charlotte rubs me down using forearms, thumbs and knuckles, with consistent medium to firm pressure.

I never have to grit my teeth, but she’s super strong and tackles all my niggly bits, especially up on my shoulders and along my lower spine.

After half an hour or so of this, it’s time to turn over for the mini facial. My make-up is removed with warm grapefruit scented towels and various Elemis potions. I am scrubbed thoroughly, then there’s the next sweet treat – a vanilla mask, which is painted on and smells like Bird’s custard.

While this works its trifle topping magic, Charlotte gives me a rhythmic and hypnotic pressure point head massage using just a spot of oil.

My mask is removed, I’m dotted with some balancing moisturiser to suit my combination skin, and Charlotte signals the end of the treatment (boo hoo) by sounding some meditation chimes.

When I drag my body back upstairs, there’s a mug of hot chocolate and some of Sleeping Beauty’s specially made champagne truffles waiting for me. Oh happy day.

The results

Life IS like a box of chocolates. It’s true that a little of what you fancy does you good.