UHI Public Lecture Series 2011

UNIVERSITY of Highlands and Islands (UHI) are delighted to confirm the next in their series of free UHI Public Lectures – starting next Thursday, January 20, with a presentation from Dr David Worthington, UHI Centre for History.

Free and open to anyone, the lecture will take place in the UHI Executive Office, Inverness from 4.30pm to 6.30pm, as Dr Worthington focuses on the Moray Firth as a region for historical study in his talk ‘The finest water piece in Britain?’.

Fernand Braudel wrote at the outset of his epic work on the Mediterranean that: “an historical study centred on a stretch of water has all the charms but undoubtedly all the dangers of a new departure.”

The work in questions is considered today, however, to have been one of the major contributions to history written in the twentieth century.

Dr Worthington questions to what extent might it be possible to adapt Braudel’s approach, bring it into line with current writing on regional histories and into a Scottish context, and initiate a research, conference and publication project on the history of the communities living around the Moray Firth?

The coastline and hinterland from Wick to Kinnaird Head has occasionally been the primary focus of historical study, for instance, in the 1994 work of Iain Hustwick.

However, more comprehensive work is strictly overdue.

Through this lecture, Dr Worthington will seek to outline some potential ‘charms’ and ‘dangers’ in pursuing such a project in 2011.

The UHI Public Lectures series provide opportunities to welcome members of the public and the wider academic community to participate in events with UHI.

UHI has a large number of locations and the series will extend to as many of these as possible using video-conference and by taking the live events to different locations.

All UHI Public Lectures are also recorded and may be uploaded onto the UHI web site and YouTube for future public viewing.

There’s nothing like attending lectures in person though, for the ability to provide feedback and input; and if you would like to book a place at any of the lectures, or check availability of video conferencing links in your area, please contact Paul Ellison on 01463 279344 or email paul.ellison@uhi.ac.uk

The second event in the 2011 series will present, in partnership with the Institute of Directors, a ‘Conversation with the IoD’, featuring Leslie Evans, Director General of Education in Scotland.

This will take place on March 10, UHI Executive Office, Inverness; and again be accessible via video-conferencing with links across the partnership.

And following on from Leslie Evans appearance, the ‘Conversation with the IoD’ continues on April 20 with the turn of Mike Cantley, Chair of VisitScotland.