VIDEO: See inside the Lewis War Memorial

Lewis War Memorial has been closed to the public for over 30 years but this morning (Thursday), the Gazette got to take a look inside.

The 85 foot tower was initially built as a memorial to the island men lost in World War I using funds raised by the people of the islands and also a substantial donation from landowner Lord Leverhulme.

The interior includes an entrance chamber and four upper chambers accessed by steel stairs which were dedicated to the different parishes of the islands, giving long range views to their homelands. Additional plaques were added to commemorate those lost in World War II. Due to the closure of the interior to the public, the plaques were moved outside where they can be viewed.

Funding from the Scottish Government is being made available for War Memorial restoration in the run up to the Centenary of World War I next year - however any funds secured are unlikely to be enough to open the tower back up to the public.