Western Isles politicians celebrate good news for Carloway Mill

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The MSP and MP for the Western Isles, Alasdair Allan, and Angus MacNeil have attended an event at Carloway Mill to mark the quadrupling of the Mill’s production in the last year.

Dr Allan used the occasion to praise the work that the tweed industry as a whole in the islands was doing to raise the profile of this iconic product.

He met both the Mill’s manager Anne MacAllum and local designer Netty Sopata whose work will be among that featured at a fashion show being held by the industry in Stornoway on 12 March.

Dr Allan commented: “I am pleased to be at Carloway Mill again, where so much work has been done to find new markets for Harris tweed, and where such investment has been put in to the business recently.

“The tweed industry as a whole has, of course, been through a very rough time in recent years, to the point where it’s very future was in doubt.

“It is to the credit of the mills currently in operation, their workforces and to the wider community of weavers, as well as the Harris Tweed Authority that work is now coming back to the industry.

“The fact that Carloway has quadrupled its production in the last year and hopes to double it in the next year is a very hopeful sign.”

“Above all, in the coming years we have to ensure that vital skills are kept in the industry and to ensure that tweed is promoted throughout the world as the outstanding product it is.

“Crucial to all of that is encouraging designers like Netty Sopata, and in turn the wider fashion industry to make use of tweed, and therefore the role of the forthcoming fashion show in Stornoway are very much to be welcomed by everyone with an interest in the tweed industry’s future.”

Pictured above Angus Macneil MP and Alasdair Allan MSP with designer Netty Sopata.