MacNeil is top of the Westminster Twitter charts

Top of the Twitter chartsTop of the Twitter charts
Top of the Twitter charts
Research by the communications agency Motive has shown that Na h-Eileanan an Iar MP Angus MacNeil is the most prolific MP in Westminster on Twitter – issuing an astonishing 26 tweets a day.

Since he joined Twitter in 2009, he has tweeted 119,200 times, making him one of only three Westminster MPs who have racked up more than 100,000. The others are Conservative MP Karl McCartney, who represents Lincoln, and Labour’s Wes Streeting, of Ilford North in London. Only two other Scottish MPs make the top 20, both SNP and down at the 30,000 mark.

Researchers found little connection between frequency of tweets and number of followers.

Boris Johnson has the most at 4.1 million, but has only posted 5,600 tweets, while Labour leader Keir Starmer has 1.2 million and issued 8,000.

Motive director Steve McComish said: “Our study highlights which MPs are most prolific on Twitter with just three managing more than 100,000 posts so far.

"Getting to that kind of number takes some doing with these MPs having to post dozens of times every day for more than a decade to reach six figures.

“While being active on social media does help anyone to grow their audience our study also reveals that frequency of tweeting alone doesn’t guarantee followers.”