100m units from Pentland Road project

The Pentland Road wind farm is poised to generate its 100 millionth unit of electricity within the next few days.

The windfarm went into commercial operations on 1st November 2013.

Peter Crone, Director of Pentland Road Windfarm Ltd., said: “This is a major milestone achievement.

“It means that we have very nearly reached our target of 50 million units per year or 50 gigawatt hours.

“We are very pleased with this performance over the first two years despite the usual teething problems with new wind turbines and very significant periods in 2014 where we were unable to generate due to grid transmission works.

“In my very first press statement in Stornoway in 1999 I said that I believed that the Western Isles was the ‘Wind Energy Capital of Europe’.

“Our experience over the first two years of operation indicate that the Isle of Lewis certainly deserves that reputation.

Calum Maclean, Chairman of the Stornoway Trust, said: “This is very good news for the more than 600 crofters who receive a rental income from the wind farm, part of which is based on the performance of the turbines.

“It is also very welcome news for the Stornoway Trust as we are in the process of exercising our option to buy into this project.”

Pentland Road was officially opened on the 9 October 2015 by Western Isles MSP Dr Alasdair Allan.

The inauguration was held jointly with the launch of the E-Car Hebrides car club.

Nine Renault Zoe cars and one Renault Kangoo van were introduced to the island.

These vehicles, which will be powered almost exclusively from the islands wind turbines, will soon be available to businesses and the local community to rent for periods as little as one hour.