2014 was warmest ever recorded for Stornoway

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Last year (2014) was the warmest year ever recorded in Stornoway according to Eddie Graham, the Stornoway Gazette’s weather correspondent.

With an average temperature of +9.53°C, it beat the previous record holder (2006) by +0.02°C, and was a full 1.37°C above the long-term average.

No individual month was exceptionally warm, rather it was the consistency of the warmth throughout the year that was most noteworthy (11 of the 12 months had temperatures above normal; the only month to record below average temperature was December).

Air temperatures have been measured daily in Stornoway since the mid- 1850s, when observations began at Lews Castle.

In the late 19th century, observations switched to Holm Point, and then to Stornoway Airport from 1940 onwards.

Even when taking instrument and site location changes into account, the amount of warming over the past 150 years is exceptional. NASA recently announced that 2014 was also the warmest year on record for the globe as well.