60th Reunion - were you born in 1953?

There’s a 60th bash being planned for all those babies born in 1953 who entered the Nicolson Institute in 1965.

Two classes entered the Infant school in Stornoway in 1958..

Anyone who moved from another primary school and joined the Nicolson Institute 1st year in 1965 is invited to attend.

This is not meant to be a Stornoway only group, the only pre-requisite is that you started school in 1958 and moved to the Nicolson in 1965. And will be 60 next year!

The reunion is planned for Friday 12th July 2013, the week before Hebcelt, so a great opportunity for anyone who’s always meant to be home for it and never quite managed it.

There’s a small group involved in planning the party and some others who are contributing from further afield. Hugh Macleod has organised a facebook page – ‘SY 1953 Babies’ where you can show your interest. You can follow us on there or contact us at nettamaciver@aol.com or annelmacleod@yahoo.com

As information comes in the organisers will keep in contact with attendees by email but if you prefer to talk to someone call 07929556726.