A Challenging Time Ahead For Crofters

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Rhoda Grant MSP (Highlands and Islands) warns that crofters and crofting face a number of important challenges over the next few years.

In response to the recent Scottish Government report on the positive economic impact of crofting, she said: “I welcome this new Scottish Government report,” said Ms Grant. “It finally acknowledges what those of us who have had a long standing interest in crofting already knew.

“Crofting is not just a quaint, cultural pass time but is a valuable part of our agricultural industry. It puts a significant amount of money into the economy of remote and rural Scotland, making many communities viable. I have asked the Government when they intend to review the Croft Housing Grants Scheme, a scheme that has not been reviewed for over ten years meaning it is less able to provide housing in these areas.

“Over the next few years,” she continued, “crofters will have to meet challenges due to changes in the way that they receive their agricultural payments and to the basis of these payments.

“I will be urging the Scottish Government, along with the industry representatives, to help crofting grow and develop.

“Crofters have heard and read plenty warm words about them, in recent years. It is time for the Scottish Government to translate these words into action.”