A lesson in history that shamed the world

It was the worst crime on European soil since the end of World War II – a dark chapter in our history.
Alasdair Allan MSP and the Rev. Lorna Hood launch the new education packAlasdair Allan MSP and the Rev. Lorna Hood launch the new education pack
Alasdair Allan MSP and the Rev. Lorna Hood launch the new education pack

Now, the lessons of the genocide in Srebrenica, which saw the murder of more than 8000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys, will be explored in schools, with a new, free education pack.

It has been produced by the UK charity, Remembering Srebrenica, which is is marking the 20th anniversary of the genocide.

Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland’s Languages Dr Alasdair Allan MSP launched pack, which will allow teachers across the country to prepare thought-provoking lessons and help their students learn the lessons from the Srebrenica genocide.

The comprehensive set of lesson plans can be used by teachers across the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

Remembering Srebrenica worked with experts at Education Scotland to ensure that the pack is suitable for use across the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

The resource is designed to help pupils understand the behaviours and influences around them that can either build or damage a cohesive community. It also helps to raise awareness of the genocide.

Remembering Srebrenica Scotland chairman the Very Rev Dr Lorna Hood said: “The 1995 Srebrenica genocide shamed Europe and shamed the world. It now stands for one of the darkest chapters of European history, yet knowledge of what took place is still low. It is crucial that Scotland’s children learn the lessons from this stain on humanity’s conscience.”

Launching the pack, Dr Allan said: “The Srebrenica genocide is a dark chapter in European history, the scale of which is still difficult to comprehend.

Events such as Srebrenica, and the recent atrocities in Paris, are tragedies that we must learn from and that’s why we must do all we can to educate our future generations.”

Teachers can download the pack from www.srebrenica.org.uk/resources/education-packs/

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