A little blackbird tells of special screening at An Lanntair

'Blackbird' can bee seen in full at a special screening in An Lanntair next week, including cast members and commentators.
'Blackbird' can bee seen in full at a special screening in An Lanntair next week, including cast members and commentators.

‘Early bird’ film-lovers take note, there will be the exclusive chance to see Jamie Chambers’ full length feature ‘Blackbird’ – which was shortlisted at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2013 – next week (Wednesday, November 20th) with a special screening in An Lanntair arts centre at 7.30pm.  

An Lanntair Director, Roddy Murray, said: “Jamie Chambers was here with Norman Maclean and Sheila Stewart for Faclan 2011, when he showed his short film Second Sight. 

“This has now developed into the full length feature, ‘Blackbird’. It is a pleasure, a privilege and a coup to invite them back, with Margaret Bennett, for this screening and to find out about the story behind the film.“

‘Blackbird’ brings Scotland’s most loved folk heroes to the big screen alongside up-and-coming Scottish talent many of whom will be attending the screening in Stornoway. 

Appearing on the red carpet will be cast members Norman Maclean, folklorist and singer Dr Margaret Bennett and Sheila Stewart who is from a famous traveller family.

Storyteller and Gaelic TV legend Norman MacLean is on record as resonating strongly with the core theme of the film – the preservation of the oral tradition being at the heart of his current mission, passing storytelling and singing skills onto a new generation.

The film’s story tells of aspiring young bard, Ruadhan (Andrew Rothney), who despairs as the fabric of his Scottish hometown begins to change.

There are no fish in the sea, no jobs and a steady exodus to the city. Life as he loves it is slipping away and Ruadhan’s idol, town bard Alec (Norman Maclean), has little stomach to fight the decline. 

Long-time best pal, Calum (Patrick Wallace), and returning childhood friend, Amy (Scarlett Mack), spark Ruadhan’s struggle to keep the past alive. And when Alec takes off to a retirement home in mysterious circumstances, Ruadhan must act quickly to save him and protect the town he loves.

But as his battle spirals out of control, it soon becomes Ruadhan who needs saving.

Tickets for ‘Blackbird’ are available from the an Lanntair Box Office in person or on-line at www.lanntair.com , £6 per adult and £4 per child