A report on our journey so far!

The island Youth Legacy Ambassadors enjoyed meeting Commonwealth Clyde.
The island Youth Legacy Ambassadors enjoyed meeting Commonwealth Clyde.

We became Youth Legacy Ambassadors back in October 2013. As we’ve told you all before, the job of a YLA is to promote the key themes of the Commonwealth Games and to keep the Legacy of the games going for as long as possible.

The themes of the games are; Active, Sustainable, Flourishing and Connected.

As YLAs we want to promote these themes throughout the Western Isles and get you guys, the community, involved on our journey as much as possible!

All the way back in October we had our first training session which informed us of the jobs that we have to do and our duties as YLAs. Since then we have done many events and have a lot more exciting things planned for the future!

One of the first events we did was an interview on the radio just basically explaining our roles as YLAs.

We then attended the ministerial visit to Tong Primary School which we were fortunate to be part of. We also met Clyde the Commonwealth mascot which was very exciting! 

The five of us were also part of the raising of the flag ceremony at the council offices. We read out the Commonwealth Affirmation as the Commonwealth flag was raised.

We realise that this was a big opportunity and we felt very privileged to be a part of that.

Earlier this month we also travelled to Edinburgh for two days (courtesy of Young Scot) where we attended a cluster meeting of YLAs from all over the country.

Here we were able to do some further training as well as exchanging ideas and hearing what other YLAs have done in their local communities. It was great to meet with the other YLAs across Scotland as we shared our excitement for the games as well as doing a bit of sight seeing in the capital!

Later this month we are going to be going to the local care homes in Stornoway and planting Legacy trees in line with the ‘Flourishing’ theme. The idea is that we will plant the trees at each care home along with a Commonwealth plaque that we will have made.

This will be a nice thing for the residents of the homes and a way to ensure that we involve all ages on our journey as well!

As I said before, we have a lot more exciting events planned for the weeks and months ahead. We plan to have a monthly update in the Gazette so make sure you keep a look out for us next month for more exciting Commonwealth news!