Adrian Nation plays the Woodlands

Singer songwriter Adrian Nation plays at the Woodlands Centre this weekend.
Singer songwriter Adrian Nation plays at the Woodlands Centre this weekend.

Coming to entertain in the Woodlands Centre this weekend is singer/songwriter Adrian Nation.

This year has seen Adrian release his first ever live recording, as he expanded: “I’ve have had it in mind for a long time to record a live album as much as anything because I wanted an album that truly represented what I do as a musician day in day out, ie live and solo.”

However, Adrian had never been satisfied with live recordings in the past, until during a tour of the Netherlands in 2013 he was booked to open the Crossroads Sessions at the Vestzaktheater in Bergen Op Zoom.

“I’d heard lots of good things about this gig and was really looking forward to playing it,” he continued.

“It didn’t take long to realise it was going to be a special night. The sound-check sounded great and I have to say I think the sound on stage during this concert was the best I’ve heard anywhere.

“Good onstage sound has such an amazing effect on me and I’m sure all artists feel the same. When you hear all the detail of your playing it gives you confidence to play every note the way you want to and sing with confidence.”

It was a few weeks later before Adrian heard the recordings and when he did: “I was amazed by the quality and depth of sound,” he said.

“So here, quite unexpectedly I had a whole live album on my hands and it didn’t take much thinking about to realise it was the album I’d been waiting for.

“The album has eight original songs including two not previously recorded as well as a cover for the first time on one of my albums,” he went on.

“That’s how the album came about, no planning, no stress, no fuss, a delightful surprise. It has been recorded and mastered in the Netherlands and I’m really looking forward to taking it back there and of course to touring it around the UK.”

And island music lovers get a chance to hear Adrian live – in the flesh, not on album – on Saturday, April 26th at the Woodlands Centre.