Air duty must be devolved

Scotland should be able to set Air Passenger Duty in the best interests of Scottish business, passengers and the environment said MSP and Scotland Bill Member Stewart Maxwell.

A report from the Fair Tax on Flying Alliance says the UK Government’s Air Passenger Duty is a huge drag on Scottish businesses.

In response Mr Maxwell has renewed calls to devolve this power to the Scottish Parliament so the SNP Government can do what is right for Scotland.

Mr Maxwell said: “If the UK Government doesn’t want to listen to the SNP on APD it should at least listen to these fears from the Fair Tax on Flying Alliance.

“There are no clearer signs that APD should be devolved than the details of this latest report.

“At the moment the UK Government is suiting itself on APD and not considering the effects felt in Scotland.

“It is extremely worrying to hear from the British Air Transport Association that APD hits Scotland hard resulting in businesses finding it difficult to compete abroad and even a loss of business to Scotland.

“We have to balance the need for flights and competitive business environment with protection of the environment itself and the best way to do this is for Scotland to take the lead on air taxes in Scotland.

“We cannot let this go on any longer and I urge Westminster to devolve APD to enable us to do what is best for Scotland.”