All set for the surreal world of Fraochy?

A NEW animated sketch series 'Fraochy Bay' is set to debut on BBC Alba on December 21.

Fraochy Bay, is a miniature metropolis somewhere off the fringes of the map, populated by a cast of unusual characters whose slightly surreal lives are lived in three-minute, bite-sized chunks, packing puns and witty pay-offs.

Special Forces, poetry, crime scene investigations, Shakespeare, hairdressing, whales, opera and architecture - Fraochy Bay's got a bit of everything - and anything!

These short animated sketches are a first from Lewis based company Moja, and Easter Ross based animator Neilly Dubh.

Moja was set up in 2005 by Kenny Stewart after many years as a freelance Editor working mostly on Gaelic TV productions. Moja produced "Ann am bta, nam aonar", a documentary following Niall Iain MacDonald's preparation and successful crossing of the Minch in a rowing boat. The documentary was nominated for the Celtic Film Festival 2009.

"Neilly Dubh", Neil Stewart, an Architect in a previous life and a life-long "doodler" with one too many strip-style cartoons under his belt, grasped with both hands the opportunity to plunge into animation when it arose.

He said: "This is something I always wanted to do, and that's something I've always wanted to say."

The first three episodes of Fraochy Bay can be seen on December 21, 22 and 23 on BBC Alba at 7.50pm, repeated at 10pm. A website will be launched on the day of broadcast at