All you need to know about Hebridean Life

Everything you wanted to know about Hebridean Life, in an app.
Everything you wanted to know about Hebridean Life, in an app.

A one-stop-shop to everything that’s available and happening in the Western Isles is free for all as the Hebridean Life phone app launches this week.

Whether you’re a traveller looking for accommodation, a business person wanting to find a taxi from the airport, or simply a local wanting to know when the latest gig is on, the Hebridean Life app will deliver that for you.

It is the brainchild of Stornoway resident Mark Maciver, and he explains how a burst of inspiration he had two years ago has now become reality.

“The idea of the app came from a design to create a ‘snapfax’ style student discount book for the shops, restaurants etc in Stornoway,” he says. “As the thought process for that idea developed I realised there was a lot more potential for the idea, and as smart phones are on the increase, it seems an app would be the most efficient way of reaching the people and for businesses to use that platform as a great way of reaching a mass audience.

“Increasingly today, people look for convenience,” Mark continues. “The app provides a business directory, cinema listings, gigs, events, cars for sale, essential contacts and more, all in one app.
“It is continually up to date and can be used without Wi-Fi. So wherever you are you can find the information you need at the touch of a button.”

Available for use on all Apple and Android products, the app with also be continually developed to follow the latest in smart phone technology. And simple to use, advertising on the app is also available to local businesses.

Although developed by a London-based company, the product was created by Mark, as he expands: “My job was the creation of the app by telling the developers how I wanted it to look, the design, layout and content etc.

“The company are an international company which was great for me as I could make contact to a developer and have changes made to the app almost any time of the day.”

He continues: “I am very pleased with the end product. However, I can’t rest on my laurels and sit back and relax.

“We are actively encouraging those that use the app to provide us with feedback on how was can make it more efficient and easier to use. We are looking to launch the app this week and, given the feedback so far, I am anticipating a popular start.”

To find out more about the Hebridean Life app, visit or call Mark on 07780441945.