Allan gives evidence on sign language bill

Western Isles MSP Alasdair Allan, today (Tuesday) appeared in front of the Scottish Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee to help promote legislation to support the use of British Sign Language.

Alasdair Allan was giving evidence on the Scottish Government’s response to the British Sign Language Members’ Bill being put forward by Mark Griffin MSP.

Alasdair Allan commented: “I know from meeting with the deaf community in the Western Isles that there is a great unmet need when it comes to the provision of services through sign language.

“The Scottish Government has done a lot to help change this by supporting services like Stornoway’s Sensory Centre, which helps deaf people access many of the public services we take for granted.

“However, there is clearly a lot more that needs to be done. As Languages Minister I will continue to work with other MSPs to ensure that an increase in the status of British Sign Language becomes law.

“I also hope to get a chance to meet with deaf constituents in the islands to seek their views on this legislation and how it can be improved.”