Allan takes up Western Isles Flag issue

ISLANDS MSP Alasdair Allan has taken up the Western Isles Flag cause and asked Scotland’s heraldic authority for their views on the best way forward.

Dr Allan has written to the Lord Lyon King of Arms from whom any new flag would have to receive recognition.

Alasdair Allan commented: “The debate about a flag for the Western Isles has been an interesting one, although my own view is that both of the options currently being consulted on would present problems and that the community will probably have to find a third alternative.

“I have written to the Lord Lyon seeking his comments on this issue before we proceed any further. My instinct is that it would not be a popular move on South Uist for the Western Isles as a whole to appropriate the South Uist flag, as has been suggested.

“Equally, it’s certainly not an option, from what I understand, to use the Comhairle’s own flag which has been granted for their use only,” he continued.

“I think the simplest solution has to be a third option. It would be good to get a debate going in the community about this, though my personal view is that a simple design with a birlinn would make sense, as it has for centuries featured in the arms of a number of local clans and is already familiar from being seen in many contexts locally.

“I have asked the Lord Lyon for his initial thoughts on this matter and hope that this will get the debate moving.”