Appeal for islanders’ help to solve Australian cold case

Two FACE images compiled by the Criminal Identification Squad.
Two FACE images compiled by the Criminal Identification Squad.

Melbourne Crime Investigation Unit detectives are appealing for assistance from the public in the Western Isles to identify a man whose body was located in Melbourne’s Yarra River 46 years ago.

Investigators have recently received information that has led them to believe the deceased man may have emigrated to Australian from the Western Isles area of Scotland between 1945-1966.

On Monday 12th September, 1966, the body of a man was recovered from the Yarra River in the vicinity of No 4 South Warf around 9am.

The man was found wearing grey trousers, black shoes and a D.B. Coat (overcoat).

Investigators recovered a dry cleaning receipt in the name of ‘MacDonald’ from a pocket in his trousers.

As a result of the investigation, it’s believed the man had been in the water for two to four days.

A number of attempts have been made by investigators to establish the identity of the man who was recovered with no apparent injuries or distinctive marks.

Two FACE images were compiled by the Criminal Identification Squad, one being of the man in 1966 and one of how he may have appeared if he lived to be 80 years of age.

Police urge anyone who may have information in relation to the man’s identity to contact Crime Stoppers online at