Archie visits reef beach

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When Archie the vintage Scottie dog was rescued from an Edinburgh car boot sale little did he know that he would be travelling far and wide in his new role promoting Scottish brand, Couthie Gifts.

After a wonderful holiday on the Isle of Lewis spent roaming the beautiful beaches Archie decided to use one of his favourite holiday snaps for this year’s Couthie Caption Competition.

Annabelle and Montgomery Imlah of Stirling were the winners of this year’s competition.  

Entrants had to guess where in Scotland Archie the dog was visiting and imagine what he was thinking.  

There were some bizarre entries, but none picked the exact spot, which was Reef Beach on the west side of Lewis.  

The winning entry was:

“I know I put my Speedo’s round here somewhere!”

or in Scots “ A ken a pit ma Speedo’s roon aboot here somewhere!”

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