Army Reserve Open Day

Island Reservists are holding an Open Day this Friday at the Drill Hall on Church Street, Stornoway.

Doors open at around 11.30am and those interested in finding out about the work and the benefits of becoming Reservists are welcome to go along.

Sergeant Stewart explained the purpose of the day: “We want to show what we are all about by trying to educate the public. The reserve forces are much more about helping and supporting the community, rather than sending people out to Afghanistan - which doesn’t happen - people have to volunteer to go on operational tours.”

He highlighted how an average of £8,500 in training is spent a year on each reservist and highlighted that at this current point he has 30 part-time positions available.

He added: “We are the only group I know who spend so much on training that will benefit other organisations, if you want to train as a forklift driver, or in First Aid we will put you on a course, it means that people can improve their employability.”

Talking of the time commitment that Reservists need to make, he explained: “We hold a drill night every Tuesday, but if people can’t make that then they don’t get paid for that night. We would like to see Reservists complete 27 days per year with around one weekend per month, but you would know a year in advance when those weekends would be.”

Speakers at the open day from 11.30am to 2pm (repeated at 6.45pm) will further detail what is required and employers are also encouraged to attend.