Babog and Nip light up Portree

editorial image

Children and childminders at Comunn nam Parant in Portree had a double surprise when they gathered for their Christmas session.

Not only did Nip, the mascot dog of the Gaelic resources company Stòrlann, drop in on the Gaelic parents’ group but Babog,the Gaelic teddy (an teadaidh Gàidhlig) made a surprise appearance also. The Portree Gaelic group provides services for pre-school children and their parents, as well as running a Sradagan group. Their numbers have increased in anticipation of the further steps by Highland Council to have a Gaelic Primary School in Portree. Pictured with some of the children, and Babog and Nip, are their Comunn nam Parent childminders, left to right, Jaquelin Morrison, Amy MacNab, Shirley Taylor and Therese MacDonald.