Baby Lilly in a rush!


Tina Hunter, originally from Bragar on the West Side of Lewis, got a bit of a shock when she gave birth to her wee girl on her bathroom floor.

Tina, whose first child didn’t appear until after 30 hours of labour, met her baby girl Lilly Rose Greene just ten minutes after her first contraction earlier this month.

With little Lilly in a rush it fell to her father, David Greene, and Auntie, Liza Hunter, to play the role of midwife before the ambulance arrived.

Tina explained David and Liza were “very shocked” but since the birth have been “so proud” of the role they played. She added: “It went by so fast.”

The ambulance arrived shortly after Lilly’s birth and transferred mother and baby to hospital, where they stayed over night before returning home on Monday.

Tina, who now lives in Greenock still has lots of family in the islands. Her parents and brother live in Lewis.