Bad weather on the way

Spring has departed again.
Spring has departed again.

A renewed bout of unsettled weather is expected this coming weekend, according to the Stornoway Gazette’s weather columnist Eddie Graham.

Rain and strong winds are already being felt across much of the Isles this morning (Friday), and this rain will turn heavy later in the day. The rain will eventually clear to cold, blustery conditions during Saturday and on Sunday, accompanied by frequent rain or hail showers with strong, cold westerly winds. Some sleet is even possible at times!

What’s causing the disappointing spring weather this year?

There’s no direct, definite reason – some years bring persistent spells of fine conditions through April, May and June, but it doesn’t happen every year. The years of 2008, 2009 and 2012 saw record amounts of sunshine in May and June in Stornoway, but May 2011 was a washout - the wettest on record in 144 years of record-keeping.

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