Bahai talk - Raising Moral Kids

The next Baha’i talk in Stornoway will take the form of a workshop on the theme of ‘Raising Moral Kids’ on July 24th in the an Lanntair arts centre between 7 and 9pm.

Baha’is feel this is one of the most fundamentally important tasks for society, saying: “Today’s children are tomorrow’s teenagers and future adults, who will be managing all our affairs: serving in shops, teaching in schools, caring in hospitals, etc. It is imperative that all are given sound moral values.

“There is a tendency for this area of education to be neglected in the belief that, if children are given knowledge and understanding, the need for caring, considerate behaviour will be self-evident to them. Unfortunately though, this cannot be left to chance.

“Our young generation are not growing up in a neutral moral environment: they are constantly exposed to advertisers who wish them to become materialistic; pop music with questionable lyrics; all kinds of values being presented to them by television, films and the internet. These need to be countered with a deliberate and purposeful moral input.

“People grow through a journey of development from the healthy self-interest of the infant, to the blossoming of political and global awareness of the adult. Every stage needs to be informed with the virtues of good morality. From early childhood children may learn the virtues of kindness, consideration and helpfulness.

“In the teenage years, they may learn about and experience responsibility, thoughtfulness, active participation an their communities and the joy and satisfaction to be found in service to others.

“One of the greatest enterprises of the world-wide Baha’i community is to organise groups for children and teenagers of all backgrounds, in which they may learn and practise good moral behaviour and be of service to others. The Stornoway workshop will be exploring some of the ways this can be done.”