‘Banish rioters to the Hebrides’ says petition

An e-petition has been listed on HM Government website calling for all rioters and looters from the recent troubles in English cities to be ‘banished’ to the Outer Hebrides for five years.

Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil has reacted with dismay and said today: “Obviously the author of this e-petition, Richard Miller, has never dared to venture to the Outer Hebrides, where tourists flock in the hundreds of thousands every year. My constituents are astounded that such comments are allowed to be published on a UK Government website.

“According to the website, e-petitions are checked by a government department, which states that an e-petition can be rejected if it contains libellous, false or, defamatory statements or, if it contains offensive, joke or nonsense content. All of these reasons certainly apply to this e-petition and questions really do need to be asked as to how this was allowed to be published.

“I will be asking the department responsible, The Ministry of Justice, to explain why they have published this e-petition.

“Perhaps Mr Miller should take the time to visit the Outer Hebrides where he can sample true Hebridean hospitality.

“Maybe this is the last straw for the camel’s back on the way to Scottish Independence.”