‘Battle Bus’ on the islands

Anas Sarwar MP, Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, will be in the Western Isles campaigning on today (Thursday 31 July) with Scottish Labour’s Battle Bus.

The #indyrefexpress will be arriving from the Highlands before heading onto Skye and Fort William on a three day tour.

Anas Sarwar said: “This is the biggest political campaign in Scotland’s history and the decision on the 18 of September will have a lasting impact on communities right across Scotland. That is why we are taking our campaign to communities the length and breadth of the country, speaking to local people and campaigning hard for every vote.

“I have spoken to thousands of Scots over the past couple of months and wherever I go the message from local people is clear. They know a No vote is best for pensions and best for jobs, best for businesses and best for schools and hospitals and they are clear that a No vote lets us have the best of both worlds: a strong Scottish Parliament with new powers over tax and welfare guaranteed, but backed up by the strength and security of the UK.”

A street stall will be set up in Perceval Square, Stornoway, for 2pm today.