BBC ALBA examines the horrors of World War I

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Through breathtaking and dramatic reconstruction, BBC ALBA is to provide a fascinating glimpse of what World War One was like based on the first-hand accounts of those who lived and breathed the horrors of the warfare.

Over three episodes, Great War Diaries profiles the heroes of this period - not the generals and politicians - but those who bore the brunt of the battle: soldiers who experienced the horrors of trench warfare; women who drudged in the factories to replace the labour of the men; children for whom the war started as an adventure but became a nightmare; and not least the volunteer nurses who devotedly attended to the never-ending stream of broken bodies and souls.

Based on their diaries and letters, the series tells the incredible, heart-breaking and harrowing fates of people from all over Europe – from Britain and France, Germany, Austria and Italy to Russia.

Bringing together 25 broadcasters from around the world, this is television’s global event for the centennial of World War One.

Solus Productions has adapted this high end series into the Gaelic language for BBC ALBA.

Tony Kearney, co-producer at Solus, said: “It was a real privilege getting to work on such a poignant, dramatic and touching series. Looks Films have provided an epic backdrop, with incredible production values to tell these human stories of an extraordinarily difficult time in our history.”

Great War Diaries / Leabhraichean-latha a’ Chogaidh Mhòir

BBC ALBA – Starts Wednesday 11 November 9.30 – 10.30pm