‘Bedroom Tax’ will affect 40% of Working Age Housing Benefit claimants

Initial figures show that 40% of working age housing benefit claimants in Western Ises will be hit by the ‘Bedroom Tax’ which comes into force this April.

Both Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil, and MSP Alasdair Allan, are critical of the Westminster government’s welfare reform and concerned about the impact the ‘Bedroom Tax’ will have on islanders as well as the additional pressure on the Hebridean Housing Partnership.

Analysts say these tenants will be hit in their pockets by between £27 and £65

per week. A single person or couple in a two bedroom house will see their benefit reduced by 14% and if they have two spare rooms or more by 25%

Mr MacNeil said: “This punitive tax is a hammer to crack a nut for a problem which existed in a small area of the south east.

“People will be affected if their personal living circumstances change, adding greater financial pressure on those who can least afford it.”

Alasdair Allan MSP added: “There is something morally wrong when a Government preys on our most vulnerable people to repair the damage done to the UK economy by their failed austerity measures.”