Bee swarm in Point

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A possible 25,000 honey-bees are swarming in the Point area of Lewis - and Beekeeper Grace Smith is keen to hear from anyone who sees them as they will not survive winter without food supplies.

There have been recent sightings of the swarm in the Flesherin, Portnaguran, Portvoller, Broker and Aird areas.

Believed to be split from one of Grace’s honeybee colonies, she is keen to get the swarm back to the hive, as she said: “I’m anxious to get them back as they won’t survive the winter without a food supply as they won’t have had time to make honey-stores.”

Grace, who has kept bees for a number of years, reassures that the honeybees are very docile, although are often mistaken for wasps.

She continued: “The honeybees are so very docile, they’ve no reason to attack anyone, so people need not be afraid if they see hundreds of honeybees flying in and out of a shed.

Grace is asking residents to keep an eye out in sheds, garages and barns as the swarm will be seeking a dry place over winter; and she hopes to be able to return them to their hive for the cold months.

If you spot anything you think might be a honeybee swarm, please don’t hesitate to contact Grace on 01851 870771.