Ben Fogle eyes Taransay for wildlife reserve

TARANSAY could be turned into a wildlife reserve if TV star Ben Fogle gets his hands on it.

The island is due to be put on the market shortly and the former Castaway is speaking to others about a possible consortium buying the island.

Having spent a year living on the island, Ben knows all about its potential and says he will be talking to his bank manager.

In a piece in the Telegraph today he says: “With Taransay on the market, I have been in contact with a number of individuals to look into the possibility of a consortium buying the island. It could be transformed into a wildlife reserve, with sustainable lodges for guests. This could finally pay for its maintenance and upkeep, while also providing some much needed local employment.”

He highlights the example of Alladale in the Highlands where the native wildlife has been restored.

Ben says he has longed to buy Taransay ever since his year there at the turn of the millenium.

“I have long dreamed of buying Taransay myself,” he said: “The £2million price tag may sound high but this is an iconic island with incredible potential for those with vision and passion. With its remote location, the island is visited intermittently by hikers and sailors, who could form the basis of a small tourism industry.”

He concluded: “Taransay needs an owner who will love and care for her like a child. I think I know just the person. I’ll be talking to my bank manager later.”