Berneray/Leverburgh ferry times disruption

A CalMac ferry.
A CalMac ferry.

Caledonian Macbrayne have announced that due to tidal restrictions there will be a revised timetable on the Berneray/Leverburgh (Sound of Harris) route from October 28-31.

The disruption status for the route has been declared as amber by the ferry firm, who have set the following revised timetable:

Wednesday 28th October

Departing Berneray: 0800 and 1430

Departing Leverburghn 0910 and 1540

Thursday 29th October

Departing Berneray 0745 and 1000

Departing Leverburgh 0850 and 1110

Friday 30th October

Departing Berneray 0800 and 1100

Departing Leverburgh 0910 and 1200

Saturday 31st October 0800 and 1200

Departing Leverburgh 0910 and 1305

The disruption timetable will end Saturday 31st October at 4pm, say Caledonian Macbrayne .