Bestseller The Black House is dramatised for radio

Dramatised for Radio Scotland - The Blackhouse by Peter May
Dramatised for Radio Scotland - The Blackhouse by Peter May

Author Peter May’s bestselling crime novel – The Black House – set in the Western Isles is dramatised in four parts for Radio Scotland – airing from Monday to Thursday next week (September 30th to October 3rd).

Cal MacAninch (Holy Blue, Mr Selfridge) and Derek ‘Pluto’ Murray (Machair and BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal) star in the drama which follows the return home for Detective Inspector Fin MacLeod.

Fin (MacAninch) has been dispatched to the Isle of Lewis to investigate a brutal murder that bears similarities to a case he’s worked on in Edinburgh.

Born and raised on the island, it is the first time however he has set foot there in 18 years, and the investigation represents an uncomfortable journey into his past.

Inquiries are being hampered by the annual guga hunt, in which twelve island men spend a fortnight on the rocky outcrop of Sula Sgeir harvesting 2,000 baby gannets.

It’s a tradition that dates back centuries and the right to carry it out is fiercely defended.

For Fin, the hunt stirs long-buried memories of a horrific tragedy which, two decades on, still haunts him.

The four-part dramatisation airs from 1.30pm to 2pm, starting on Monday, September 30th on Radio Scotland.