Board welcomes improvements in latest Staff Survey results

NHS Western Isles has welcomed the publication of the latest Staff Survey results, which indicate that significant improvements have been made in a number of key areas over the past two years.

Joint Chairs of the Board’s Area Partnership Forum, Chief Executive Gordon Jamieson and Employee Director Elenor MacLeay, thanked the staff who participated in the survey, and welcomed the opportunity to use the results to take forward further improvements.

They commented: “There are some excellent results reported in the latest Staff Survey and we are delighted to note that progress has been made in a number of important areas which impact on the wellbeing and morale of staff. Progress is particularly dramatic when compared to Staff Survey results in 2006.

“Eighty-nine per cent of NHS Western Isles staff are happy to go the ‘extra mile’ at work when required. This demonstrates the continued commitment and motivation of our staff to provide high quality services to the local population.”

The Board is encouraged to note an increase, since the last survey in 2008, in the number of people who would recommend NHS Western Isles as a good place to work (+17 to 62%), and a rise in the proportion who feel well informed about what’s happening in NHS Western Isles (+22 to 61%).

The proportion of staff satisfied with the sense of achievement they get from work was above the national average, at 74%. Key progress was also noted in areas related to training, health and safety and staff involvement.

A total of 41% of NHS Western Isles staff took part in the survey compared to a national average of 26%.

Mr Jamieson and Ms MacLeay added: “The results of the Staff Survey will be considered carefully and a comprehensive Action Plan will be developed to ensure that steps are taken to further improve the working environment for our staff.”