Boil tap water in Uig, Lochs, and Achmore

Water tap. Picture: TSPL
Water tap. Picture: TSPL

Scottish Water is advising over 1,200 people on the Isle of Lewis to boil tap water after tests found “unusual microbiology”.

Inspections discovered ‘unusual microbiology’ in Uig, North & South Lochs, and the Achmore area. Scottish Water, on the advice of the Consultant in Public Health Medicine and the NHS, is advising some customers to boil tap water.

Around 250 properties in Uig are affected, and around 1,000 in the other districts aforementioned.

Scottish Water says it is working to resolve the problem and return normal supplies to customers as quickly as possible.

The water company says customers in these areas should boil their water before using it and continue doing so until further advice from Scottish Water.

The company says water that has been boiled is safe to use for drinking, preparing food (including ice cubes and salads), preparing babies’ feeds and disinfecting feeding equipment, cleaning teeth, pet food and drink, and washing open wounds, provided it has been allowed to first cool.

The water can still be used for bathing and washing (including babies), washing dishes (provided customers use hot water and dry thoroughly before use), washing clothes and flushing the toilet.

Water which has been boiled and allowed to cool should be stored in clean containers in a fridge or other cold place.

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “Public health is at all times our main priority and we have robust procedures in place to monitor and analyse water quality.

“We would ask customers to follow the advice that has been issued, while we work to resolve the current problem.

“We want to apologise to customers for the inconvenience this issue has caused and thank affected customers for their patience and understanding.”

Scottish Water say any queries can be answered by visiting or telephoning 0800 0778778.