Bottle cruises across the ocean to Harris shore

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It bobbed along in the vast Atlantic Ocean travelling thousands of miles from a cruise ship in the Bahamas until it came ashore in Harris, bringing with it felicitations from Miami couple, Bruce Roden and Monica Prieto.

The couple - who have since married - decided to cast their message to the waves while on a romantic cruise back in May 2014.

A mere 21 months later student Rosie Rayment, who is currently on placement in the islands as part of her degree work at Aberdeen University, and friend, local joiner and lifeboat crew member Allen Mcdougall, were enjoying a spot of surfing at Seilebost beach last week when they discovered the bottle and its message. Immediately Rosie decided to try and track the couple down, she said: “I managed to get in touch with them and they replied almost immediately confirming it was indeed them who had thrown it overboard.”

The couple were delighted and said to Rosie that they had wished for a reply and that their dreams had come true.

She added: “They have since got married and are utterly delighted that we answered their message.

“Needless to say, we can’t quite believe that we actually found a real message in a bottle or that the people who wrote the note have replied. It really is rather cool!”

Twenty-two year old Rosie who is originally from Cumbria will only be based in the Islands for seven weeks, so was lucky indeed to come across such a rare find.

Pictured are Rosie and Allen with the message.