Boy’s Brigade to disappear from Western Isles?

Colin and Margaret MacMillan, the successful husband and wife team which revived the 2nd Stornoway Brigade Company in 1984, are standing down due to ill-health.

The BB company, the only one left in the Western Isles, may have to fold soon if no one is found to keep it going. Nearly in its 60th Year, 2nd Stornoway has acquired an enviable reputation throughout Scotland, and its fundraising for BB Week and other causes annually has become legendary. To date no one has expressed an interest in coming forward to help, and the MacMillans are concerned that their years of very hard work may go for nothing.

A founding member of the company back in September 1953 remarked: “2nd Stornoway is attached to Martin’s Memorial Church, which nowadays is a vibrant, expanding congregation. It would be a crying shame if no one in that enthusiastic flock can be found, with others, to take on the continued running of the BB”. Historically, 2nd Stornoway is an offshoot of 1st Stornoway BB, attached to St Columba’s (Old Parish) Church, formed to accommodate boys whose families did not belong to St Columba’s. Unfortunately, 1st Stornoway ceased its activities a few years ago, leaving the revived 2nd to carry the BB presence alone.”