Bugsy a big hit at an Lanntair

Bugsy was a spectacle jam packed with drama, music and laughs, all wrapped in the Chicago twang of speakeasy gangsters.

Unconfined to the stage of the an Lanntair auditorium, the action also came from the balconies and the aisles, keeping the audience engrossed in the story of Fat Sam and his mob war with Dandy Dan.

The production is the result of just two weeks of tireless work by a group of youngsters who have collaborated to make a summer school show - learning about singing, acting, dancing, stage management and prop production, and putting it all to good use in the process of making Bugsy possible.

The performances of the whole cast were brilliant and delivered with a great deal of confidence - a terrific achievement in any production, let alone one that was fully assembled in a fortnight.

Jessica Fowler was a particularly memorable Fat Sam, with a great stage presence she lead her gang who performed wonderfully together, despite getting ‘splurged’.

Rosie Sullivan played a first class Bugsy Malone alongside Aisling Smith, who gave a remarkable performance as Blousey Brown, holding the spotlight brilliantly as the aspiring singer.

Stars were clearly emerging from the backing roles too, with great performances by the Chorus Girls, who must have worked together incredibly hard to learn to perform the songs and dances in such unity. John Smith gave a marvelous comedic turn to Captain Smolsky Digory and Maia Murray-Pickering showed an early mastery of comedic timing and expression as the Radio Announcer.

The whole cast gave a great example of a production that seamlessly transitioned between the action of the splurge guns, slapstick pie throws, snappy one-liners and the choreographed jazz numbers.

The production was a showcase of the high calibre of young talent on the island, remarkable in both the lead and chorus rolls, and promises a future with hopes of a number of performances by this group of youngsters to look forward to.