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995 Prime & Cast Sheep Sold.

A poor lamb trade and unseasonal sunny couple of days usually hurts numbers and today was no exception. The 751 lambs sold averaged 151p/kg. Half of the lambs shown today scaled 44kg and above which made the lighter types a lot easier to sell. Lambs peaked at £75 for Heavyweight Zwartbles from M/s McCornick, Stewarton, Texel Lambs from M/s Heath, Blair Farm and for Beltex from M/s Templeton, Carslae. Top price per kilo of 171.8p/kg was paid for 39kg Beltex from John Wright, Pinmore Mains. Cast Sheep still a good trade with only over fat types sticky. Tups peaked at £100 for Suffolks from B Vance, Mid Skeog with ewes selling to £93.50 for Suffolks from R Wilson, High Barness and Texel Crosses from B Vance, Mid Skeog.

Lambs (Leading Price Per Head):

Zwartbles: £75 & £70 Stewarton Texel: £75 Blair, Barhill £70 Cairnside & rose Cottage £68.80 Druchtag £68.20 Daldowie & Rose Cottage Beltex: £75 & £70 Carslae Suffolk: £72 Gowlands £72 & £68.20 Clauchrie £69 High Ersock Charolais: £69 Glenstables

Lambs (Leading Prices Per Kilo):

Texel: 167 Pinmore Mains 166.3 Daldowie 164.1 South Boreland 163.8 & 163 Druchtag 162.5 Shennanton 162.2 Nether Cleugh Beltex: 171.8 Pinmore Mains 166.7 & 162.8 Carslae Suffolk: 158.8 Shennanton

Cast Sheep:

Suffolk Tups: £100 Mid Skeog Texel Cross Ewes: £93.50 Mid Skeog £92 Pinmore Mains Suffolk Ewes: £93.50 High Barness Half Bred Ewes: £92 Pinmore Mains Cheviot Cross Ewes: £89 Pinmore Mains Lleyn Cross Ewes: £86 High Ersock Zwartbles Ewes: £83 Stewarton Mule Ewes: £77 Daldowie £75.50 Viewfield £75 High Barness Blackface: £53.50 Airiesknowe

AYR – MONDAY 13th JULY 2015

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had forward 2814 sheep, comprising 1960 Prime Lambs, 854 Cast Ewes & Tups. Prime Lambs sold to a top price of 181.4p/kg for a pen of 43kgs Beltex Lambs from Messrs J & R Semple, Netherton, Dalrymple with the overall average being 153.1p/kg (- 7.1p on the week) Lambs were easier on the week and with a large proportion of 45kg plus lamb forward the average was back on the week.

Leading Prices (per head) Lambs:

Beltex: £82 Sorn Mains & Arnsow Beltex Cross: £80.50 Baidlandhill £80 West Enoch Texel: £80 Perryston & Overton (Kennedy) Texel Cross: £80 Moorfield (McDonald) Char: £79.50 Lagg Cont: £79 Laigh Boreland £79 Broadshean Cont Cross: £78 Netherton (Semple) £76 Mid Brockloch Sfk: £75 Perryston & Dykes (Hodge) Sfk Cross: £75 Netherton (Semple) Rouge: £74 Blairbowie & Oxenshaw Char: £74 Lanemark & Broadhead Char Cross: £73.50 Fleminghill & Cockhill Rouge Cross: £73 West Enoch £72.50 Laigh Boreland Half Bred: £72 Perryston

Leading Prices (per kilo) Lambs:

Beltex: 181.4p Netherton (Semple) 178.6p Perryston Beltex Cross: 172.1p Oxenshaw 170.7p Dykes (Hodge) Texel: 170.3p Dallowie 170.2p West Enoch Texel Cross: 168.2p Blairbowie Charollais: 168.2p Broadhead Cont: 166.7p Moorfield (McDonald) 166.7p Broadshean Cont Cross: 166.3p Mid Brockloch 164.8p Rigghead Sfk: 164.6p Longhouse 164.4p Lanemark Sfk Cross: 164.4p Blairbowie Rouge: 164.1p Dykes (Hodge) 164.0p Sorn Mains Char: 164.0p Arnsow 163.6p Perryston Char Cross: 163.5p Dallowie 163.4p Lanemark Rouge Cross: 163.4p Mid Brockloch 163.1p Dallowie Halfbred: 163.0p Netherton (Semple)

854 Cast Cows & Tups were forward, overfat Ewes met a similar trade to last week whilst all other types were sharper especially leaner Mules and Blackfaces. Top price today was £138 for a pen of Texel Ewes from Messrs J & K Forsyth, Glenside, Maybole with the overall averaged being £61.50 per head.

Leading Prices (per head) Ewes:

Texel: £138 Glenside (Forsyth) £127.50 Little Carleith Texel Cross: £121 Springfield (Arran) £115.50 Glenside (Forsyth) Cont: £115 Blairbowie £114.50 Little Carleith Cont Cross: £111.50 Glenside (Forsyth) £110.50 Gowanlea Beltex: £106.50 Glenside (Forsyth) £103.50 Waterside Sfk: £103.50 Harpercroft £101.50 Gowanlea Beltex Cross: £96 Meikle Carleith £95 Perryston Char: £94.50 St Murray £94 Springfield (Arran) Char Cross: £93 Dallowie Halfbred: £92 Rigghead & Blairbowie Sfk Cross: £89.50 Harpercroft Mule: £76.50 Meadowhead (Crerar) £75.50 Hallowchapel Cross: £72.50 Perryston & St Murray £71.50 Kings Arms Blackface: £67 Blindburn £66.50 Sorn Mains £60.50 Sorn Mains

Cast Tups were easily cleared selling to a top price of £152 for a pen of Suffolk Tups from JM Nisbet, Sorn Mains, Sorn

Leading Prices (per head) Tups:

Sfk: £152 Sorn Mains Bfl: £128.50 Lochgreen Sfk Cross: £122 Nether Culzean Texel: £111.50 Mackailston

AYR – TUESDAY 14th JULY 2015

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, sold 233 Prime Cattle and Cast Cows & Bulls.

17 Prime Heifers averaged 215.3p/kg or £1237.24

3 Young Bulls averaged 203.30p/kg or £1152.27

Heifers peaked at 235p/kg for a Limousin off Challochmun or £1393.80 for a Charolais Heifer off Routenburn, Bulls to 209p/kg for a Limousin off South Hourat or £1231.25 for a Charolais off Brownsfield

Leading Prices (per kilo) Heifers:

Lim: 235p Challochmun 232p Boreland 230p Auchentibbert 227p & 226p Challochmun BB: 224p Challochmun AA: 206p Auchentibbert Char: 202p Routenburn

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bulls:

Lim: 209p & 205p South Hourat Char: 197p Brownsfield

Cast Ring:

All classes easily cashed

10 Bulls averaged 115.61p/kg

87 Beef Cows averaged 134.63p/kg

104 Dairy Cows averaged 103.81p/kg

12 Clean Cattle averaged 153.49p/kg

Bulls topped at £1200 for a Simmental off Easter Hillhouse or 189.1p/kg for an AA off Townhead of Drumley, Beef Cows to £1110 for a Simmental off Temples or 165.7p/kg for an AA off Birgidaleknock, Dairy Cows peaked at £1100 for a Friesian off Bourtreebush or 126.4p/kg, Clean Cattle top of £1240 for an AA Heifer off Thirdpart or 198.2p/kg for an AA Hfr off Temples.

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

Sim: £1200 Easter Hillhouse Char: £1160 Temples AA: £1040 Townhead of Drumley Fries; £1060 East Carngillan & Mark Farm £1020 Park O Barnaigh

Leading Prices (per head) Cows:

Sim: £1110 & £1030 Temples AA: £1090 Thirdpart £1040 Birgidaleknock £1020 Dalreoch Lim: £1060 Knockterra £1050 Dykes (Auchinleck) £1040 (x2) Temples Short: £1040 Dalreoch BB: £960 Knockterra Char: £870 Sorn Mains Gal: £760 Whitehurst Park Fries: £1100 & £1020 Bourtreebush £980 Low Weirston £900 Grange of Cree £880 Cochno Ayrs: £740 Pocknave £700 Little Auchengibbert Mont: £740 Knockeffrick AA Hfrs: £1240 & £1090 Thirdpart £1190 Alton £1120 Temples Fr Hfrs: £920 Gabrockhill £900 Mains

21 Dairy Cattle sold at their July Show and Sale in Ayr.

15 Commercial Cows & Heifers averaged £1054

6 Pedigree Heifers averaged £1407

Champion animal in the Yard was a fresh calved Heifer off Baltersan and sold for 1400gns to the Judge Mr Andrew Lindsay, Croanan

Pedigree Heifers:

Friesian: 1400gns Baltersan & Bourtreebush 1350gns Grange of Cree 1300gns Baltersan


Friesian Hfrs: £1300 Clonbeith £1220 Clonbeith & Perryston Friesian Cows: £1300 Perryston £1250 Westertoun Ayrs Cows: £920 Badenheath Ayrs Hfrs: £900 Muirlaught

A smaller offering of 80 calves & stirks with all types still in very high demand, top price of the day was £530 on two occasions, firstly was a BBX Bull calf off Messrs J Fergusson & Co, Knockeffrick and also a BBX Bull off WH Carmichael, Macmanniston, stirks peaked at £1110 for a pair of Limousin Cross Heifers off Messrs Murdoch, Buntonhill

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Bulls:

BBX: £530 (x2) Knockeffrick & Macmanniston Simx: £515 Macmanniston £455 Cronan £440 & £410 Sorbie Limx: £500 Rigghead £495 Fowler £485 Kilquockadale £480 Rigghead £400 Fowler AAx: £400 Sorbie £350 Boreland Hfx: £330 Philgowan

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Hfrs:

Limx: £520 Macmanniston £475 Ladyard £470 £430 & £410 Boreland £410 Fowler £320 Kilquockadale BBX: £485 Knockeffrick £390 & £355 Cronan £330 Airtnoch £325 Common Hex: £420 Boreland

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Blks:

Limx: £1130 Whitehurstpark BSH: £810 Auchenroy Simx: £790 Auchenroy

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Hfrs:

Limx: £1110 £980 Buntonhill £920 Whitehurstpark




Wallets Marts Castle Douglas Limited held their weekly sale of 1540 Prime Lambs and Cast Sheep on Tuesday 14th July 2015.

1282 Prime lambs sold to average 153.61p overall. Topping the trade at £80 were a pen of Beltex crosses from Newmains, Shawhead. Next at £75 were a pen of Texels from South Quintinespie and also Texels from Newmains. Top price per kg was 174.1p paid to Gelston Castle for a pen of Texel crosses.

A larger show of 257 Cast Ewes and Rams saw leaner ewes especially well bid for with fatter types looking value for money as they do in most centres. Topping the trade at £131 was a pen of Texels from Hillside.


Light 32.1 – 39

Average 149.9p per kilo

Top Price 161.5p per kilo


Lochside £58; Dallowie £46;


Little Fenwick £63; Barlocco £62; Kirkland View £57; Lochside £53

Medium 39.1 – 45

Average 153.82p per kilo

Top Price 174.1p per kilo

Bluefaced Leicester

Cotland £56


Nether Laggan £63; Lochside £62; Slatehouse £59;


Barstibly £67.50; Torhousekie £67; Barbershall £66.50; Castlehill £63.80; Balannan £62.50; Park of Tongland £62.20; Glensone £61;


Torhousekie £70.50; Upper Hardland £70; Gelston Castle £70; Fagra £70; Muncraig £69; Drumcoltran £69; West Linkens £68; Slatehouse £68

Heavy 45.6 – 52

Average 149.06p per kilo

Top price 163.3p per kilo


Little Fenwick £70.50;


Lochside £72; Mossyard £72;


South Quintinespie £75; Newmains £75; Breckoniehill £71; Kirkland View £70; Fagra £70; Lochside £70; Cannee £68.50


Newmains £80;



Fingland £65; Arndarroch £64; Craiglearan £60; Dallowie £57;

Bluefaced Leicester

Lochside £78; Arndaroch £78;


Brockloch £74; Muncraig £74; Boreland of Parton £73; Dallowie £72; Barlocco £72; Glensone £70


Blackwater £75


Hillside £131; Barlocco £94; Slatehouse £94;


Barlocco £65



Arndarroch £87


Boreland of Parton £65


Blackwater £95


Drumcoltran £68; Grobdale of Girthon £63