New jobs for Stornoway call centre

Talktalk have confirmed they are to create 25 new roles at the Stornoway Contact Centre and also plan to provide new opportunities for exising staff.

Their plans to invest in the island site were revealed in the Stornoway Gazette on April 5 but further details were not available at the time.

The company has announced moves to simplify its UK operations and infrastructure as it builds on improvements to its customer experience and prepares for the launch of the YouView TV service later this year with investment in engineering skill sets.

Over the last 12 months TalkTalk have been focusing on improving its customer experience resulting in much lower customer service call volumes and increased positive customer feedback. The company say these changes will enable them to further simplify their operations and deliver better services to customers as a result.

A spokesperson said: “As part of these changes and to reflect its long and successful association with Stornoway, TalkTalk has committed to investing in and continuing to develop the Stornoway site while upskilling the team and reviewing salaries for all employees.”

Separately, TalkTalk will be entering into collective consultation with employees across their sites at Northampton, Preston, and Warrington though it hopes to maximise opportunities for employees to transfer to new roles and thereby minimise job losses. Approximately 200 new roles will be created at Preston through the appointment of a new strategic partner to manage customer retention. TalkTalk will also be creating 250 new engineering jobs in 2012 to support the roll-out of its YouView TV service.