Butcher on the time of his life as an Invinciblue

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Terry Butcher skippered Rangers to three Scottish League titles in his four season north of the border, all the while his captains armband was sat next to the armband of England skipper at the same time.

A true world class stopper and one of the first huge names lured to Scotland by Graeme Souness when he swept into the manager’s chair in 1086.

Butcher was back on this side of Hadrian’s Wall again this week as the latest star guest to tread the blue carpet at the Lewis and Harris Rangers Supporters Club in Stornoway.

Reflecting on his Ibrox career which saw him make over 100 appearances, handed a breach of the peace charge after a particularly rowdy Old Firm clash and hoist no less than five different trophies into the Glasgow sky.

Like so many players to have pulled the famous Gers crest over their heads a deep love of the club has seeped into Butcher’s DNA making the struggles faced by the club over the past five years painful to watch.

“It was horrible to watch the club struggle so much,” admitted Butcher in between sips of his pint as he chats to the Stornoway Gazette this week.

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